Welcome to 2012 Resolution, one of the most informative websites online. This is not a doomsday website. Just because your world may end, doesn't mean the world itself has to. This site will not be saturated with racially bias content. Yet, race is still a subject matter that is of huge significance. However, there is much more to learn about the races on this planet than meets the eye. As the Spiritual Master, Per Re Ahnaa: Paa Nazdir: Amunnub.Reakh.Ptah Djedi Shil Paa Hanutu  has quoted, "It is not a Black or White thing. It is a Grey thing."
We prefixed 2012 to the name of our movement since the arrangement of these numbers alludes to calamities, destruction, natural and un-natural disasters. Now, whether or not you identify with the realities pertaining to the oncoming winter solstice of 2012 or not; one thing is for sure and that is that the leadership that represents our world are leading us to a path of inevitable destruction. Earth's people are not warned in a timely fashion for un-natural disasters and there is little to no cognition of what to do in an emergency situation. Are you prepared for the inevitable. We intend to heighten the consciousness and conscience of members of the world community as it relates to alignments, disasters in general, media propaganda, and emergency evacuation sequences. 

It is imperative that everyone take heed to our updates. Our world leaders have promised us a future of racial tensions, poverty, melting pots, wars, famine, diseases, polluted water systems and a host of other worldly maladies imposed on this generation and the next to come. Vibrating off of hate will not ensure your freedom or anyone else's. Hate is too dense an emotion to exist when you consider the oncoming density level. Yet, hate the strong force can be used to make progressive change if channeled in the right direction. 

2012 is also prefixed to our movement not exclusively because of the phenomenon but because this arrangement of numbers represents the free mind. For when you add these numbers up you get 5 (freedom) and when you multiply these numbers negating zero, you get 4 (mental or mind). Therefore, the number that represents the free mind is 9, the sum of freedom and mentality. 

On this web site  we will address the world's problems and give way to resolve. There should no longer be any more talks of revolution. Now is the time for a resolution. Nature is a factor. Love is a factor. Unity amongst those who want it most is an agenda inclusive of all races and species that want it for the sake of themselves and their posterity. In time, this site will become a unique forum to present and discuss topics unfamiliar to most, to raise the consciousness of humanity as well as prepare them for the inevitable change incurred by the Autumn Equinox (Lion) and the Winter Solstice (Dragon) of 2012.  

We will only convey the wise words of the Masters incarnate and un-manifested. We give thanks to Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re for being brave enough to share his findings from the physical realm and spirit realm beyond. We give thanks to our ancestors for their grace, observations and guidance. For we are no longer blinded by the tunnel vision of hatred, race, and politics. We give special thanks to The entity -  Amron Waio Koan  who personified as a female when she was in the flesh and body. 

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2012 The Winter Solstice, written by 
Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re, author of 70 plus books. Finally, the Winter Solstice has been presented from a mathematical perspective. No more propaganda! Get your copy now!